DairyTrace proAction® Report

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What Is It and How To Find It

Commencing September 1, 2021, reporting traceability events to DairyTrace the national traceability database, will become mandatory as part of Dairy Farmers of Canada’s proAction® program. As the responsible administrator of DairyTrace, Lactanet Canada will assist dairy producers and other affiliates that are part of the dairy cattle traceability chain with all of their traceability needs.

As a dairy producer that resides outside of Quebec, you must activate your DairyTrace account to begin reporting traceability events. Dairy farmers in Quebec will continue to report livestock traceability events to SimpliTRACE.

Reporting Events Is Easy

The DairyTrace portal is a convenient on-line platform used for reporting dairy cattle traceability events and much more. Reporting can also be done via the DairyTrace mobile app, telephone, mail, or directly from specific on-farm software.  

Validation and the proAction® Report

To prepare dairy producers for their proAction® validation, DairyTrace has developed the proAction® report for easy proof of conformance. The report generates the right information that must be presented to the validator at their time of validation.

How to Access the Report

To access the proAction® report, follow the steps outlined below. If you cannot log-in to your DairyTrace account due to problematic internet access or otherwise, you must contact DairyTrace Customer Service in advance and they can send the report ahead of your validation.

Step 1: Sign into your DairyTrace account (https://portal.dairytrace.ca/).
Step 2: From the welcome page, select DairyTrace proAction® Report.
Step 3: Generate a report:

  • The Reference date will generate as of the current date.
  • To open your report, click Print and a PDF will be generated.
  • Save onto your desktop and/or print.

Explore the Report

The DairyTrace proAction® report includes all traceability events reported under your account within the past year, from the reference date. This information provides the proAction® validator with a list of traceability events between the reporting date and the event date.

If you notice you are missing certain animals on your proAction Report, the Inventory Report, found under the Account tab, can be used to view which animals are linked to your account based on your premises identification numbers. This can help determine if a traceability event was missed and/or needs to be reported on the animal. Keep in mind if an animal has not had a traceability event occur in the last twelve months (i.e. no tag activation, no movement from premises, etc.) then the animal will not appear on your proAction report, as you did not have to report traceability events on it. This is normal! For further assistance, contact DairyTrace Customer Service at 1-866-558-7223 or info@wordpress-538545-3887911.cloudwaysapps.com.

In addition to supporting proAction® requirements, the DairyTrace portal is a valuable tool for managing herd inventory, including animal births, move-in’s/imports, move-out’s/exports, disposals, and tag orders/replacements. Click here for more information on proAction®.

Questions? Visit the DairyTrace library to find tools and resources to better navigate through your DairyTrace account, troubleshoot, report events, watch quick video tutorials, and so much more.