Getting Started in DairyTrace

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Dairy producers work everyday to ensure the health and welfare of their animals. But what happens when a disease outbreak, provincial emergency, or a natural disaster occurs that is beyond the control of a single producer?

This is the importance of DairyTrace. Livestock traceability can be defined as the ability to follow one animal or a group of animals from one point forward and one step back in the supply chain, throughout all stages of its life. That is from where the animal came from, to where the animal is going, also known as animal movement reporting. DairyTrace sends information to the national traceability system that encompasses all livestock and poultry species produced in Canada.

DairyTrace is an important program that can be used as part of an effective livestock traceability system. DairyTrace connects all three pillars of a livestock traceability system:
– Premises Identification;
– Animal Identification; and,
– Animal Movement Reporting.

DairyTrace offers a web portal, and mobile app, for reporting livestock traceability events. Specifically, requirements from the dairy industry’s proAction livestock traceability module and Part XV of the Health of Animals Regulations. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has appointed and provided Lactanet Canada (Dairy Trace) with the duties, obligations and right of a Responsible Administrator (as the term is defined under the Health of Animals Regulations) for the purpose of administering a Traceability Program.

DairyTrace needs producers to help with building a robust livestock traceability database. The goal of the livestock traceability system is to provide timely, accurate and relevant information to reduce the impacts of a disease outbreak, food safety issue or natural disaster originating from and/or affecting livestock.

Activating your account online is quick, easy, and free, and soon will be required by proAction Livestock Traceability, as the national traceability database to report the requirements. Starting in September 2021, the traceability proAction module will be easily validated by generating a DairyTrace proAction Report by means of your DairyTrace account. If you own dairy cattle or simply have dairy animals under your care or control, dependant upon your provincial law, a Dairy Trace account is essential for livestock traceability.

How to Register – It’s easy, and free.
– Register online: Launch the DairyTrace Portal
– Contact our customer service agents at 1‐866‐55‐TRACE (1‐866‐558‐7223)
– Email us at

The Library on is available to further assist you with the DairyTrace program, online application, accessing and navigating your Dairy Trace account, password trouble shooting, as well as provide addition resources and contacts in the event you have further questions.