Premises ID

Premises Identification (PID) is the assignment of a unique number to a location where agri-food activities occur.

Connecting animals to geographic locations

Knowing where dairy cattle reside connects animals to geographic locations and supports faster response in an emergency.

What is a Premises?

A premises is a location site on which animals are kept, moved through, or disposed of. Each site holds a seven-digit premises card that is georeferenced in the DairyTrace database.

A premises ID is:

  • free to obtain
  • linked for every site you declare (including your vehicle)
  • used when reporting events to DairyTrace
  • required when ordering tags
  • issued by the provincial government
  • essential when working with health and food safety officials

Who should register their premises?

Any person who houses livestock should register their premises. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Transport trucks
  • Assembly yards / Pastures / Feedlots
  • Veterinary hospitals / Insemination centers / Research facilities
  • Abattoirs / Rendering plants
  • Farms / Stables (livestock buildings)
  • Auctions / Livestock facilities
  • Exhibitions / Fair grounds / Competition facilities
  • Zoos / Petting zoos

Where can I register for a PID?

Each province in Canada has a Provincial Premises Registry (PPR) that issues PIDs. For information on where to obtain a premises identification number and card, contact your provincial dairy organization.

Remember to share your PID on your DairyTrace account to help everyone easily report movement events.

Once you receive your PID, you can register and link it to a DairyTrace account with assistance from our Customer Services team.