Reminder: proAction LT2 Tagging Requirement effective September 1, 2023

As of September 1, 2023, calves born on a dairy farm destined for beef or veal production must be identified with approved dairy tags (i.e. a white single button tag or dual tagging). The exception allowing for these animals to have a yellow button tag applied at birth will be fully phased out, and tag activation events should all be dairy tags.

As a result, calves born after this date on a dairy farm, even if destined for purposes other than dairy production, must have a white button RFID tag applied at birth.

This will include use of the white single or dual tag set instead of a yellow button tag for cull cows when a tag is lost.

There is no change for the province of Quebec, as dual tagging all dairy animals remains a provincial requirement. Although, dual tagging is always encouraged as a best practice for all calves across Canada.

If you have any questions, contact DairyTrace customer services or your proAction Provincial Coordinator: